About the company

FIPOSOR d.o.o., a company for finance and business services and tax consultancy, with its head offices in Ormož, Kerenčičev trg 5a, Slovenia, was founded on October 10, 1992. It is engaged in the following activities:
Fiposor Ormoz 2014

Why should you enter into cooperation with us?

We carefully protect your trade secrets

We comprehensively manage accounting and tax services

We take a professional approach to your challenges

We are transparent and communicate openly

We share a common interest in your business success

We take a great deal of pleasure in providing service excellence

Our mission

We are established in the market as a provider of fast, reliable, responsible and, above all, high-quality services in the field of accounting and tax advice. Our mission is to help companies operate, develop and grow their business. We stand behind our actions and accept liability for the services we provide.

Areas of activity

The greater part of our activities consists of bookkeeping and accounting services for companies and sole traders, as well as all types of organizations and non-economic concerns (municipalities, institutions, cooperatives, societies and associations). Our bookkeeping is performed in accordance with Slovenian Accounting Standards, the Companies Act of the Republic of Slovenia (ZGD-1), the Accounting Act of the Republic of Slovenia and other legislation. We use a double-entry bookkeeping system, with computer programmes running in the Windows format. The supplier of the software system is trained in introducing new employees to the programme, providing a speedy service, and keeping up with legal and other changes.

Employees and external personnel

The company employs 12 workers, four of whom hold the professional titles of Accountant; Specialist Accountant – Expert Manager of Accounting Services; and Specialist Accountant – Tax Adviser. These employees are listed on the Register of the Accounting Occupational Group with the Slovenian Association of Accountants, Financiers and Auditors. Where necessary, external licensed tax advisers, lawyers and representatives from an audit firm are used.

Continuing education

We ensure that our employees are impeccably trained and pay great attention to their ongoing professional development. We provide funding for employees to attend on-the-job training to acquire a higher level of proficiency in accounting. We ensure that the relevant literature is accessible to our employees and that they regularly attend tax and accounting seminars, workshops and courses. Only through continuous training and keeping up to date with new legislation can our services maintain a high level of quality.

Employee wellbeing

We know that satisfied employees are our greatest asset. Their well-being at work is also reflected in the quality of their work and their attitude towards customers. We work hard to provide them with good working conditions. The company was certified as a Family Friendly Company back in 2012. We are the only company in the municipalities Ormož, Središče ob Dravi and Sveti Tomaž that has succeeded in obtaining this certificate.

Proof of our quality

In 2013, we were awarded the title “Best Accounting Service Finalist in the Large Accounting Service Category”. The competition is organised by the Slovenian Chamber of Accounting Services in cooperation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has the aim of spreading awareness of the importance of quality accounting services, as it is still the case that too few companies in Slovenia are aware that not every accounting service is safe and reliable. We received the international EXCELLENT SME (small and medium enterprise) certificate from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the credit rating company Coface. The certificate, which reflects the international credibility of the company, is based on a credit rating and a credit report. The main aim of the certificate is to increase transparency in business operations and promote safe business practices. We have also received the Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence awarded by Dun & Bradstreet.

However, the best proof of our quality is our customers and business partners, with whom we have been growing for many years.

What do we do?

Our range of activities is wide, which is the only way to fully and comprehensively meet the different requirements and needs of our customers. In addition to bookkeeping, we carry out the following activities:
  • drawing up of estimates,
  • drawing up of business plans and reports for obtaining credit and other funding,
  • accounting supervision and control over bookkeeping, documents, data and accounts,
  • interpreting and analysing business and financial results,
  • accounting and financial advice (on devising business plans, establishing start-ups and restructuring existing businesses, rehabilitation, closure, etc.),
  • tax consultancy (before and during the preparation of tax balance sheets, changes of legal form, tax appeals, etc.),
  • drawing up of the necessary documents, employment contracts and agreements for sole traders,
  • consultancy and preparation of business plans for the obtaining of grants from the EU.