More than two decades of best practice, knowledge and experience

The vision of Fiposor d.o.o., which we have been pursuing for the last twenty years, is to build a team of foremost accounting and tax experts and thus to grow our reputation as a trusted accounting firm. We will continue to pursue our mission of providing high quality services to help clients on their path to business success, growth and development.

The company Fiposor was established in 1992 and started out in rented premises with only a few clients, one full-time employee and additional external help. To date, we have grown into a company with ten employees, providing accounting, business and tax consultancy services to more than 200 clients. The company now owns its own offices, located at Kerenčičev trg 5a in Ormož and Stari trg 4 in Ljutomer. 

Fiposor Ormoz 2014

Services for companies of different sizes and in different industries

Bookkeeping services and the drafting of annual reports, tax and other returns, and various types of documents for sole traders, private individuals, companies engaged in service activities as well as commercial, agricultural and manufacturing activities of various kinds, cooperatives, societies, associations of societies, and the public sector – from institutions, foundations and agencies to municipalities. The company prepares and manages the monthly payroll for more than 600 workers, employed across a variety of industries. 

To make our services as accessible as possible to customers, the company is continuously introducing the latest methods in bookkeeping. We offer customers the option of installing the software at their own headquarters, allowing managers to make better-informed business decisions based on up-to-date information.

Consultancy and support

In addition to bookkeeping, Fiposor d.o.o. is also engaged in tax consultancy, for which it is licensed by the Slovenian Chamber of Tax Advisers and the Slovenian Tax Education Institute. We help both our regular and occasional clients to obtain short- and long-term loans and grants. We also offer assistance in setting up new companies, preparing financial reorganisation programmes, transforming from one type of business organisation to another (e.g., sole trader to limited liability company), acquisitions, mergers of legal organisational forms and the drafting of necessary documents. For these activities, we liaise with external professional institutions, such as the relevant chambers, legal, audit and other advisory services.

Since the company was founded, we have also been advising on internal organisation and the legislative regulation of labour relations, and have been offering training services in accounting, annual reporting, and the presentation of, and familiarisation with, tax and other legislation.

Proven quality work

A series of tax and other inspections have shown that our company is doing a good job, as no additional taxes or penalties have had to be paid. Further proof of our quality also lies in the title “Best Accounting Service Finalist in the Large Accounting Service Category”, which was awarded to our company in 2013. This selection was based on a concrete assessment by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, of employee knowledge, the company’s management, the products and services provided, the attitude towards clients and other external users, the presentation of work and professional mastery of the accounting and tax profession.

On the basis of our published annual reports, Fiposor d.o.o. was also awarded the international EXCELLENT SME (small and medium enterprises) certificate by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the credit rating company Coface. The Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence awarded Fiposor d.o.o. the Slovenian Quality Certificate on the basis of verifications carried out by the aforementioned association.

Further education and well-being of employees

Fiposor d.o.o. is continuously working to ensure a good working climate, employee satisfaction and professional competence. In 2012, the company was certified as a Family Friendly Company. We are the only company in the municipalities Ormož, Središče ob Dravi and Sveti Tomaž that has managed to obtain the aforementioned certificate. 

In addition to good working conditions, we also place a strong emphasis on employee training. We provide funding for employees to attend on-the-job training to acquire a higher level of education in accounting. We also ensure that all relevant literature is purchased for our employees, who regularly attend annual seminars and workshops, given that accounting and tax regulations are constantly changing. We are of the opinion that only through ongoing self-learning and participation in external training is it possible to keep up with ongoing developments and be a good ‘outsourcer’ for our clients. Therefore, we will continue to encourage our employees to acquire new skills. They will be provided with optimal working conditions to help create a good working atmosphere and thus support them in enjoying a good quality of life.