Corporate, business and tax consultancy

Upon entering the world of business, entrepreneurs need business, commercial and tax advice to help them become more independent and successful in their business activities.

In addition to devising their new business idea, future and first-time entrepreneurs have a lot of questions when they are entering the world of business and setting up a company: how to name the company, which legal form to choose, how to register the company, what procedures they need to follow, what documentation is required, which activities to register, and so on.

Because we want to be sure they make the right decisions, and in the easiest way possible, we are here to help. We advise (would-be) entrepreneurs from the start of their business journey and help them to bring their business ideas to life. 

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Corporate, business and tax consultancy – who are these services for?

Areas of corporate, business and legal advice where we can assist you

Business consultancy

  • Advice on the choice of legal form
  • Opening and registering a business
  • Business plan development (for banks, ministries, funds)


  • Financing, financing and cash flow planning
  • Analysis of plans and performance
  • Advice to improve liquidity and solvency
  • Business analysis
  • Managing of receivables and controlling costs

Taxes (tax consultancy)

Tax consultancy on:
  • value added tax
  • corporate tax
  • income tax and business tax


  • Bookkeeping for the public and private sector

Business optimisation (business consultancy)

Operating reviews and advice on optimising operations and costs

Law (legal consultancy)

  • General legal advice when starting a business
  • Assistance in drafting contracts, deeds, forms
  • Document preparation to begin a loan process
  • Drafting employment and other contracts

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Our services

Corporate, business and tax consultancy

Consultancy and assistance on the implementation of business ideas for companies and entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business life.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Top level, reliable and professional accounting services for delivery of strong business results.

Training; publishing of magazines and periodicals

Organisation of trainings, seminars and workshops on new developments in tax and accounting.

Administrative work

We provide comprehensive, efficient and thoughtful support for your administrative requirements.

Other business services

In addition to bookkeeping, our company also provides further services for finance and business needs and tax consultancy.